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Water Bottle For Kids – Can You Get a Five-Star Review?

If you’re looking for the best water bottle for kids, you’re in for quite a few surprises. There are so many different brands and choices of water bottle for kids out there that it can be challenging to narrow it down. But most importantly, you need to keep your child’s safety in mind when you’re picking out a water bottle. Ordinary plastic bottles are dangerous, no question about it. But are there any other better options?


Reviews About water bottle brands

So I took some time to read some reviews online about various water bottle brands. One customer writes: “I tried the Chillys Turtle and was not impressed. It seems like it will never stay cold. It leaks every time you open it, and the ice seems to melt immediately. It’s not worth the money.”

The reviewer who chose to write in detail about her children’s preferences noted many good points about the Chillys Turtle. She gave it four stars and mentioned how great the handles are. However, she said that it is not the best water bottle for kids in terms of durability. Another water bottle for kids that has consistently received high ratings from users is the A&S Brands designer water bottles. This product, according to numerous reviews, is very easy to clean, and it is made of high-quality plastic with great handles.


Durability and Reusability

Several reviewers mentioned the bottles’ durability and reusability. One reviewer writes, “The bottle is very durable, as it was able to withstand extreme heat without any harm to the bottles.

According to this one reviewer, this A&S brands sports drinking water bottle is also very convenient. It is big enough to store several different drinks in it. The lid of this bottle is made of stainless steel, which is quite strong. It can keep drinks cold drinks ice cold for hours. It has an easy-to-remove feature and an innovative clasp.


When reading this review, one writer notices that this water bottle for kids has many interesting features. This reviewer writes, “The pump is so easy to use. I was impressed with the fact that it does not leak. When I am done with my drinks, just remove the cap. It is so convenient that I will probably buy another one.” While some people do not like these water bottles for kids, most reviewers love them. This bottle keeps cold drinks cold for hours and is sturdy and inexpensive. Many reviewers love the fact that it looks like a real ice cooler.

Lid Style

One customer writes, “I was very pleased with the design of this water bottle. I prefer the lid style over the entire unit. It seems more professional, and it looks like something that could last. Other than that, the kids love it! Kids love straws, and these work great.”

While some people are not fond of the water bottle options, most reviewers agree that they would recommend the products. Some customers even write in and state that the taste of this bottle rivals that of large soda bottles.


Besides the water bottle for kids, some people also like to drink energy drinks from their water bottle. When one writes in to complain about the taste, he or she states, “It had a taste that reminded me of Green Mountain Coffee. That is not a terrible thing. I drink Green Mountain all the time, and I do not mind the taste. It is more than others do.”

A&S Brands bottles

While some kids may not like the taste, most reviews praise the tastes of A&S Brands bottles. Some consumers even write in to say that the leak protection is great, and while others recommend the lid because it does not leak when you turn it upside down. One reviewer did not give the product five stars because the buyer did not know how to close the bottle. If you know how to close your water bottles, all of A&S Brands bottles deserve five-star ratings.