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6 Things To Look For When Buying A Water Bottle


Want to buy a water bottle? how to buy the best water bottleSometimes I wonder why many people prefer stainless steel bottles over other types of bottles. Are stainless steel water bottles safe? Of course, there are several reasons for this. In this post, I am going to take you through some prominent and important reasons behind their actions. So let’s get started!


This is one major reason why people choose steel water bottles. You can ask, “are stainless steel water bottles safer than plastic?” Yes, they are. The steel material from which they are made is a strong and durable metal.


Another major reason is that stainless steel bottles can last forever, and can withstand any accidental drops. They are also light-in-weight, which makes it easy for anyone to carry them around. But stainless steel bottles are a bit heavier and they will rattle terribly in a cage on a bike. Plastic bottles have amazing longevity these days, impart no taint or flavour to the drink, and are light and easy to handle.




It may sound daft, but how much liquid a water bottle can hold is really important. Viewed in isolation bottles all tend to look a similar size, but there is a significant difference between 0.5-, 0.75- and 1-litre volumes. The smaller bottles are easy to use one-handed and slip easily into the side pockets of a rucksack, while bigger bottles allow for longer adventures.



A wide mouth makes it much easier to fill a bottle with ice cubes, and means an insulated bottle can also be used as a canister for hot food. Narrower tops are neater for drinking. Most bottle manufacturers offer a range of different lids for the same bottle – screw top, pop-up spout, straw etc.


Easy cleaning

Wide mouth water bottles are much easier to clean, which is a particular benefit if you prefer sugared drinks. Bottles with narrower bottle tops may need a special brush to clean the bottom. Alternatively, a number of bottle manufacturers also make cleaning tablets that will give bottles a more thorough clean.

Unlike some other types of water bottles, people choose stainless steel bottles because they are easy to keep clean and free from impurities.



There’s a growing awareness that some plastics contain chemical components that are best to avoid for health reasons. Most premium plastic bottles are free of BPA, BPS and BPF (bisphenol A, S and F), but it’s worth checking the label.



Chilled drinks taste like nectar on a scorching day, but there are other ways to make water more palatable (hydration tablets, squash, fresh fruit) if you don’t want the extra bulk and cost of the insulation.