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A&S Brands

A&S Brands is committed to having a positive impact on people and the planet. The company meets the highest social and environmental responsibility standards regarding the high-quality water bottles they provide that are adaptable and designed to last a lifetime.


A&S Brands is a new business with a commitment to transparency and accountability in all aspects of the business. They offer a great range of high-quality, stylish products to help you reduce waste in your day-to-day life, whether that’s giving your kids a waste-free lunch or giving up disposable coffee cups.


All A&S water bottles are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead, making them safe for all the family and a far healthier option than single-use plastics for food storage. The water bottles are also designed to last, saving you money in return.



A&S Product Line up

A&S water bottles, flasks, and kid’s bottles are all made from high-quality materials that have been specifically designed to be safe for people and the planet. A&S Brands also take pleasure in making versatile products, one of the many reasons people love them.


Their entire range, from reusable glass bottles to insulated cups, stainless steel straws to food storage, are ethically made using high-quality food-safe materials. And, of course, the wide-ranging insulated tumblers, reusable water bottles, and accessories will keep you hydrated without the need for single-use plastics.


A&S insulated Bottles

A&S insulated water flasks come in a great range of sizes from 355ml perfect for children that like hot chocolate and cold juice to 500ml growler. They are perfect for keeping your drinks HOT and cold for 24 hours. The brushed stainless finish makes them a stylish alternative to your standard reusable travel mug and is really nice to hold. They are perfect for use at your desk or when enjoying a drink in your garden.


A&S Reusable Straws

A&S reusable straws come in different sizes, mini and regular lengths, making them perfect for short drinks or children’s tumblers. If you enjoy drinking from a straw but are mindful that each one gets used for a matter of minutes before being thrown away, then this is an easy switch to make towards a more waste-free lifestyle. The straws are great for kids, especially the silicone ones (which can be cut to size if required) and easy to clean.


Glass Bottles

A&S Brands’ reusable glass water bottles are pretty amazing. Available in different designs, colours and styles, the silicone sleeve protects the bottle from knocks and makes them non-slip. The fact that they are made from glass makes them eco-friendlier and more pleasurable to drink from.


Single-wall and Double-wall water bottles

A&S healthy, safe, high-quality single wall water bottles are perfect for everyday hydration and are a lightweight, reusable alternative to plastic. They start at 12 oz and go all the way up to 64 oz, so no matter what your lifestyle is, you’ll find a size that suits you. Their vacuum-insulated double-wall bottle keeps drinks ice cold or scalding hot for hours.


A&S Brands Food Flasks

A&S Brands food flasks come in sizes and are available either single wall or insulated. The insulated is perfect for keeping food hot on the go. And the fact the single wall flasks are so lightweight and compact makes them perfect for snacks.


A&S Water bottle for babies

A&S water bottles for babies are made of high-quality food-grade materials with a wide, soft silicone nipple. This type of nipple makes the water bottles perfectly safe for babies without the risk of BPA and other toxins getting into their bodies. The fact that the bottles are eco-friendly also makes them the perfect first water bottle for new babies.


A&S Travel cups

A&S Brand’s reusable travel cups are easy to use, leak-proof, easy to clean, durable, and the perfect size for coffee shops. What more could you want? They are the best travel cups for keeping coffee hot at home. If you are tired of making yourself a cup of coffee or tea at work or home and you could not drink it before it gets cold, then some great travel cups are ideal for use – even when you are not travelling.


The splash-proof lid is great for keeping the heat in and drinking on the go (and it will fit a reusable straw), but when you take the lid off, the thin rim helps to create a wonderful drinking experience more than what you get from most reusable travel cups.


A&S Bottles Maintenance Kits and Accessories

This might seem boring a bit, but when it comes to longevity and versatility, this is where A&S magic happens! All A&S Bottles and accessories are easy to clean. Similarly, you can use the same water bottle as a sports bottle, sippy cup, and an insulated flask for coffee.


You can choose stainless-steel caps to create a whole plastic-free environment for your drinks, plus a carabiner for easy carriage. The reusable straws are good for warm or cold drinks, thanks to their silicone tips. Since A&S Brands is committed to making water bottles that last long, you can buy cleaning brushes and other maintenance kits to help keep your water bottles in perfect condition. Learn more here