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The Best Water Bottles: 3 Top Features To Look Out For

Best Water Bottle To Stay HydratedEveryone knows that using a disposable plastic water bottle isn’t good for the earth and is simply bad for your health. And most people also know that reusable water bottles is much better for your health and a much better alternative.


With lots of different bottles that have occupied the market, how can you get the best water bottle to stay hydrated? In this post, I am going to show you some top features to look for in a water bottle to stay hydrated. So, let’s get started!





Of course, you would not want any liquid to spill off on your expensive bag or even get wasted before you get to your destination. The best water bottle to stay hydrated should have a tight lid that seals completely. This is especially important if you are going to be using the bottle outdoors, or anywhere where condensation could form.


The seal in the lid of the bottle allows the liquid to stay in the bottle and not blow around and damage anything around it. The smaller lids that come with the water bottle are usually only good for six ounces of liquid, but you can fill up to ten bottles with each size of lid. The larger lids work better for ten or twenty ounces of liquid.



The best water bottles to stay hydrated by have low profiles. This is because when the water flows through the bottle, it doesn’t splash up on you as much as it does with the usual water bottles. You will also notice that the water comes out of the bottle in a steady stream. This means that the liquid will not be cloudy as it normally would when you drink straight out of the tap.


Safety Shut Off

The best bottle to keep you hydrated should also feature a safety shut off. The bottle will shut itself off if it becomes too full or if there is too much pressure built up inside of it. If there isn’t enough pressure inside of the bottle then the seal at the top of the bottle may become weak and the liquid could spill out. This is a safety feature that you don’t want to overlook.


The reason why water bottles have leak-proof caps nowadays is so that you are sure that the liquid is going to stay in the bottle. If the bottle itself doesn’t have a safety lock then you should check to see if the cap locks into place because it’s important that it does.

BONUS POINT: The Filtering System

If you will be using the bottle in another place other than your home, and you’re unsure about their water, then you may need to opt for a bottle with a good filter system. While many sources of water seem perfectly safe, it is never worth the risk to drink water you are just not certain about.



Best Water Bottle To Stay Hydrated

Bear in mind that you shouldn’t depend on the points above only when choosing the best water bottle to buy. Do you prefer plastic bottles, insulated bottles, thermal flask or reusable bottles?


The problem with the disposable water bottles is that they aren’t very effective. The empty bottle usually gets wasted every time it is used and you have to keep buying more to replace them. If you prefer plastic water bottles, you also need to ensure that it is BPA-free.


Another good option when you want to stay hydrated is an insulated bottle. An insulated bottle allows you to drink water at the same temperature as that of the water that you drink out of the bottle. The reusable water bottles are also a great option to consider. They are good for multiple uses. The best part about these bottles is that they help save the planet.


Finally, you will need to consider how much you will be drinking out of the water bottle. While the larger bottles allow you to drink as much ounces of liquid at once, smaller bottles only allow you to drink a few ounces at a time. Depending on the type of water bottles you are looking for, you can surely find one that suits your lifestyle here