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Branded Water Bottles: Here is Why You Must Invest In It!


Branded water bottlesIf you’re looking for a great corporate promotional gift that’s both unique and practical, you should consider branded water bottles. Water bottles are ideal for many uses, from product promotion to advertising your brand to help promote your business.

Whether you choose water bottles with straw or those with snap-on lids, you can’t go wrong with these popular promotional sports bottles. They are of high quality and can be used repeatedly. This makes them excellent corporate promotional bottles to give away. Since there are so many options available, you’re sure to find the right style and size of water bottles that suit your needs.

Branded water bottles make excellent souvenirs

You can get water bottles embossed with your team logo, mascot, or colours. You may also choose to have your logo imprinted on the side of the water bottle. Of course, this is an easy and inexpensive way to let your customers and volunteers know your business’s name, slogan, or theme.

If your team and volunteers are constantly out on fieldwork, customized bottles could also be an effective way to promote team spirit. Your branded reusable bottles will be a wonderful keepsake since they are usually durable and long-lasting.


Type of promotional bottles should you opt for?

Branded Sports water bottles

The benefit of a great cold drink in hot climate makes sports water bottles perfect for outdoor activities. Along with their great endurance in hot conditions, sports bottles are a popular choice for outdoor activities, including those that require serious physical activity. You can also customize or personalise these bottles with your team’s logo, mascot, or colours so that your team is always represented.

Branded Stainless steel bottles

At the lower end of customized water bottle offerings, however, these low-cost Stainless steel bottle models often come without the ability to personalize or engrave the label. However, they are sturdy, stylish, and practical. These bottles can survive any accidental drops and are shatter-proof.

Branded Plastic water bottles

When you choose a branded high-end plastic water bottle, they often come with the ability to engrave or personalize the label. You will find that they have both an attractive design and customers can find interesting information on the label.

Branded Glass bottles

Many different styles and designs of personalised glass sports bottles are available online and in speciality stores. Rather than outsource their branding, many companies specialize in custom printing of business and personal logo designs.

If you have an in-house design team, you can show them photos of the items you want to print that would work best with your logo design. Many of these companies will do embroidery on the bottles, as well as add a personalized message or statement on the label. You can choose different styles of water bottles – different colours, different sizes, and many other options.

Branding options

Branded Water BottlesFor promotional water bottles, you can look at polycarbonate bottles with snap-on lids. Some of these snap-on-lids come with snap downspouts, and some simply have a lip for added style. If you are looking for something inexpensive but still colourful, choose a suitable water bottle that has a lip, and in different colours that you will use regularly.

You can also give your customers, vendors, and volunteers different bottle variants with your company logo design imprinted on the side. This is a convenient option; since they will keep the bottle with them all the time, allowing them to spread your promotional messages to a large number of people.

Bottles with a clear plastic base and a lid with a laminated imprint area is another option. Your company name and logo will be clearly seen. Giving out branded water bottles is also a quick way to let your customers and potential clients know you care about them. For example, you could give one to your local volunteers as a special gift, and another to your vendor at the trade show. They can use the water bottles to grab a lunchtime or coffee break at the local coffee shop, or even at the park, public pool, or gym.

Your logo imprinted water bottles will be unique, and your marketing campaign will be memorable. They are great for getting your messages out. They’re also great for giving your clients and volunteers something they can use when they’re away from your office.

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