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Frequently Asked Questions On Water Bottles

What Is A BPA-Free Plastic Drink Bottle?

Flexible Glass Water BottleBisphenol A (BPA) is an acronym for bisphenol-A. According to a study, BPA is a chemical found in resins and polycarbonate plastics and can leach into drinks and foods. It can also have an adverse effect on our health.

How much water should I drink daily?

It depends on the climate and your country. If you are in the UK, it is recommended that you drink about six to eight glass of water daily. These include other liquids like your morning cups of coffee and tea. However, it is always better to drink ordinary water? In total, aim for about 1.5 litres of liquid a day. Three of A&S Sports water bottle will do the magic daily!

Should I Avoid Plastic Water Bottles?

Recycling plastics can be complicated, and as a result, only 20 percent of the bottle ends up being recycled. Avoiding single-use plastic bottles is a great move in the right direction.

Q: Which water bottle is the healthiest?

The A&S reusable water bottle is one of the best reusable water bottles on the market. It’s one of our favorites and 100 times safer than refilling a Single-use Plastic water bottle. This is because it is made of chemical-free stainless steel and has a wide, easy-to-clean opening. It’s also double-insulated, ensuring that your drinks stay cold or hot for hours.

Buying any of the A&S water bottles will keep you hydrated on the go. Our collection includes designer bottles that suit any active lifestyle. Our leak-proof designs will keep your drink hot for about 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Stain, odor, and shatter-resistant options are great travel companions. Children can easily recognize bright colors or amusing bottle design patterns.

Studies showed that hydration can increase productivity level, improve skin health, and help keep you feeling fuller for long. Research has also found that keeping hydrated is vital for weight loss as it helps your metabolism. With that said, drinking is pretty essential for overall health.
Whether you are investing in a water bottle to sip from while at the gym, or you are looking to up your water intake, you cannot be wrong choosing A&S Bottles.