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Is it safe to drink from my glass bottles and plastic bottles?


glass bottlesIt’s never easy to find the right bottle for your food or beverage product. The capacity, the design, the shelf appeal, the shelf life, the label claim, and of course, whether or not the bottle and cap you’re using to store your food and beverage product is food-safe.




Glass bottles can come into contact with food without causing harm

Fortunately, all common glass bottles have been tested and classified as safe by the FDA (GRAS). All the best glass bottles for sale at A&S Brands are Type III, which means they can be used to store food. Perhaps it is because of this label that people choose to store food and beverages in glass bottles. Our customer community has used them to package everything from raw honey to sea salt.

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What about Plastic?

To be honest, not all plastic bottles, are suitable for food contact. With so many various plastic resins on the market today, you’ll need to check the resin specification sheet to be sure they’re suitable for food contact. There are many FDA tests that may be used to confirm that the plastic container you’re currently using is safe for food contact.


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Here’s how you can figure it out:

  • Plastic Beverage Bottles: Plastic beverage bottles are named after the purpose for which they were created. They’re made with food-safe resins and can be used to package food and beverage items. The caps that come with these beverage bottles, which are frequently temper-proof, are also food-safe.
  • Wide Mouth Pill Packers: Because these packers are designed to hold pills, and pharmaceuticals. They are often composed of food-contact safe plastic resins.


Many of our plastic water bottles are food contact safe. If you have questions regarding a specific water bottle, glass bottles and are unclear whether it is food contact safe, please let us know. We’ll let you know whether that plastic bottle is food contact safe or not.