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Gym Water Bottle


Give yourself a nice treat with a new gym water bottle that will enhance your hydration while you get fit. Hydration is important during exercise, and having an amazing gym bottle will inspire you to keep your fluid level topped up while ensuring you are not sending needless plastic bottles to landfills.


Choosing the Best Gym Water Bottle

Want healthy hydration? Reusable stainless steel, silicone or glass bottles are your best bet. Stay hydrated with a leak-proof double-walled gym bottle. Choose a BPA-free sports bottle with a straw lid if that’s your preference to ensure your water or drink stays tasting fresh.


Plastic bottles can contain different toxic chemicals like phthalates and BPA. While reports show that BPA causes hormonal imbalance, phthalates have been linked to male infertility and lower testosterone, so do not take the risk. Additionally, plastics can leave your water tasting funny, which is the last thing you would want during your workout.


Premium stainless steel gym bottles are perfect as the electropolished interiors leave no space for germs to hide without absorbing or passing on any flavour. It means your water will stay fresh even if you forget to remove your bottle from your gym bag. The BPA-free plastic lids will easily turn your drink bottle into a sports bottle when you need it.


Whether you want a flip-top or sports bottle for easy drinking or you want to ensure your water stays ice-cold despite how long you stay at the gym, everything comes down to your personal preference.


Isotonic drinks are common with athletes because they give a sugar boost and replace all the salts you lose as you sweat. Why buy expensive drinks in plastic bottles when you can make your own and take them along in your designer gym bottle? With different recipes available online, you only need to watered-down fruit juice or add a pinch of salt to a sugary squash.

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Protein shakes are also popular drinks. They help your body build muscle after your gym sessions. When you choose a wide-mouth gym bottle, it allows you to take your protein shakes conveniently in a great-looking gym water bottle instead of a plastic shaker. And if you opt for an insulated bottle, your drink will stay cold and flavourful until you need it.


Gym bottles

We have lots of bottles that make great gym bottles and fantastic water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

  • A&S Collapsible Gym Bottles
  • A&S Sports Water Bottle
  • A&S Water bottle with storage compartment


A&S Collapsible Gym Bottles

collapsible water bottleThe fabulous A&S Collapsible bottle is perfect for the gym. The 500ml capacity is big enough and will require minimal refills. It has a stylish and sleek design, vibrant colours, and a carabiner clip, which means you can easily clip your bottle to your gym bag if necessary. What’s more? This gym bottle features a flip lid, which makes it perfect for one-handed operation while in the gym.




A&S Sports Water Bottle

sports water bottleOne amazing thing I love about A&S Sports Water Bottle is that it is designed with both versatility and durability in mind. It is a leak-proof insulated bottle you can throw in your bag daily, and you can switch the lid to turn it into a seamless gym bottle. Aside from being a water bottle for the gym, it also doubles as a bottle for coffee. That’s exactly what we like about it.




A&S insulated bottles

insulated water bottleA&S’s super trendy bottles have become extremely popular and are perfect for the office, the gym, or just ensuring you have ice-cold water to drink any time of day. Its double-wall insulation will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

The mouth is designed in such a way that makes spillage less likely while on the go! Available in different colours and designs, you can rest assured that this gym bottle can perfectly suit your fashion sense. 



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