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Is Stainless Steel Water Bottle Better Than Plastic Bottles?


plastic bottlesFor a variety of reasons, a stainless steel water bottle is preferable to plastic bottles. They are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and generally beneficial to both humans and the environment. When its useful lifespan ends, you can recycle stainless steel at any local recycling facility, where it will be repurposed into something completely different.

While plastic bottles are legally recyclable, they frequently end up in landfills and floating in water bodies. If you’re still not convinced that stainless steel water bottles are better than plastic bottles, here are other reasons to consider:


Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, SUP drinking bottles add a significant amount of waste to the environment. These disposable bottles are filling landfills and polluting our water bodies. They are non-biodegradable, meaning they will take many years to break down.  And when they finally degrade, they become microplastics that pose a serious threat to marine life. They contaminate the soil with dangerous chemicals when buried in landfills, thereby making the soil infertile.

 Consider what would happen if a large area of land was covered in different plastic. There is a risk of widespread deforestation and soil erosion, which could result in flooding. The majority of living species are susceptible to this condition. It renders the area uninhabitable, as there is little chance of plant propagation for food and resources.

Plastic does not only pollutes the land, but it also pollutes water bodies. They pose a threat to marine life because they cause asphyxia, making the water unfit for use as a food source and a shelter for aquatic life. Plastics release greenhouse gases into the air when they are burned, resulting in climate change and global warming.

Because of its reusability property, a stainless steel bottle can help avoid all of these bad things from happening. No waste after use; hence no pollution produced!


Durability and Temperature Retention

Have you tried filling a plastic bottle with hot water before? Perhaps you did out of curiosity. The result would be a shrank, deformed, and deteriorated plastic. It is because plastic bottles cannot resist high temperatures.


Conversely, most, if not all, stainless steel water bottles have double-walled insulation that keeps liquids cold or hot for several hours. They even allow you to handle intense heat without burning your hands. Stainless steel water bottles can withstand accidental drops with ease. But what about plastic? Some may even crack and leak.


Better for Our Health

Chemical compounds and toxins found in plastics, such as BPA or bisphenol-A, are harmful to human health and the environment. BPA has been linked to different health issues, including heart disease, infertility, male impotence, and hormone disruption, and is usually regarded as carcinogenic.

 Exposure to heat and sunlight for an extended period, such as leaving a plastic bottle in your car, may result in toxic leaking. Stainless steel water bottles, however, are safer to use. They don’t alter or impart flavors, which is helpful when switching from one drink to another. They’re also resistant to rust, bacterial and mould growth.



Although cheaper, plastic bottles are not considered cost-effective due to their single-use nature. The less likely a product is to be reused, the more likely you will throw it away.

 Stainless steel water bottles cost more upfront, but that’s a small price to pay for the many advantages they provide. They are long-lasting, with some having a lifespan of up to 12 years without having to replace your water bottle. You may use and fill the reusable water bottle wherever there is potable water without spending money.



Plastic water bottles can be boring and wasteful. Once it’s empty, it already loses its brilliance. Who would want to carry an empty single-use plastic water bottle around? Stainless steel water bottles, however, are quite attractive. They are available in different beautiful patterns, styles, and prints. A&S Bottles, for instance, feature a variety of colorful, unique, and attractive designer bottles to pick from. According to them, “your choice can only be limited by your imagination.”