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plastic bottlesOur body comprises more water, about 70% of body mass as an adult male and about 60% of body mass for an adult woman. Dehydration over 2% of one’s total body mass negatively affects morale and the willingness to work. A regular water intake is needed if you want to be the best you can be.

Unfortunately, we may not have easy access to a supply of drinking water when away from home. Hence, water bottles are an essential part of our daily lives. However, it is important to focus on regular hydration without resorting to a disposable plastic water bottle, even though disposable water bottles have infiltrated society and become the norm.  


single-use plastic water bottles

Of truth, single-use plastic water bottles are not needed in the environment. Even though plastic water bottles are technically recyclable, the majority are not recycled. Disposable plastic bottles are an enormous waste and environmental issue. Over 40 billion single-use plastic bottles are used yearly, and about 80% remain unrecycled. They end up in landfills, either as litter on land, being incinerated or in waterways. As those water bottles slowly decompose in the environment over years and years, they release tiny microplastic fragments eaten by living organisms. These include ocean plankton, which is at the base of the global food chain. Ocean plankton is being replaced by plastic.


Non-plastic reusable water bottles

It’s easy nowadays to find non-plastic reusable water bottles. But, as the world is becoming increasingly conscious of the effect of single-use plastic water bottles and plastic pollution, reusable bottles remains an environmentally friendly alternative. Nowadays, taking a portable, reusable water bottle with you at all times is as important as wearing a pair of shoes when you go for a walk or wearing a winter jacket when it’s snowing outside. Fill your reusable bottle with tap water wherever you might be and make it a habit. We can help you out with some high-quality options we love. One of the easiest zero-cost options around is a simple drink flask.

Don’t feel like unscrewing the lid from your flask every time you want a cool gulp of water or a warm swig of tea or coffee? A&S offers super handy leak-free drinking flasks you can lay your hand on every time.

The latest addition to our water bottle line is 100% plastic-free. They are made in China to exacting standards using premium materials. The designs are uplifting and cool! They are ergonomically designed with optimum hand for holding and the ideal mouth opening size for comfortable drinking.

Plastic Water Bottles Alternatives

Here is another way for your water bottle to have a good impact beyond just being a reusable water bottle. Sustainably satisfy your thirst and support the journey towards reducing plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Whatever plastic bottles you buy from A&S are reusable and can last long. Their quality is top-notch, and they are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Our designer collections are easy to hold in hand and have a larger mouth opening, making it easier to add ice cubes and drink up fast. Many double-walled insulated water bottles will keep your drink at its original temperature for hours. Want something truly unique, eco-friendly and 100% plastic-free? Try the elegant A&S Square glass water bottle.


The perfect opportunity for change

Change is happening. Everyone is increasingly looking at reducing the use of plastic water bottles or plastic bottled water. Of course, the world needs water, and you need water, but neither of you needs single-use disposable plastic water bottles. Pledge yourself and the world today to make the shift to a non-plastic, reusable water bottle.