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Microsoft 365



If you are looking to manage your work’s demand and stay a step ahead, Microsoft 365 is the right solution for you. The Software will help you achieve more with world-class security, intelligent cloud services and innovative Office apps.

Want to tap into a powerful productivity?

You can do great things with Microsoft 365. From budgets, family time to appointments, Calendars, meetings to plans, you can easily manage and organize your time with Microsoft 365.

The Software adds more features to the Office software you are already familiar with, like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and more. Additionally, you get an additional cloud-connected online storage feature that lets you collaborate on files in real-time.

Microsoft 365 is available in 4 different versions (Family, Business, Education, and Enterprise). You can use it on up to 5 different devices at once. It is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android.


What’s in for You

Microsoft 365 offers you better security compared to the usual simple Office 365 subscription. You have access to windows defender exploit guard, remote wiping capability, unlimited cloud archiving for exchange email, advanced threat protection for things that matter most.

Details & Features

  • Ongoing technical support at no extra cost
  • Access to the latest updates & Features
  • AI-powered creative tools
  • Personalization with a custom email domain name
  • Advance email encryption and removal of dangerous attachments
  • OneDrive cloud storage Up to 6 TB to back up files
  • OneDrive advanced security plus personal vault
  • Access to Premium, royalty-free creative content

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