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PUT A WATER BOTTLE IN A FREEZERIn a recent article, I wrote about what is the best way to store water. I touched upon a subject that many people have trouble with, whether or not to put a water bottle in the fridge or freezer or just on the countertop. As with most things in life, there may be good reasons to store your water bottles in the freezerĀ  – while there are also bad reasons.


When you first store your bottle in the freezer, you are in a position to see if it will freeze immediately or not. You might have seen videos of people putting a cup of water in the freezer – and it got frozen within minutes. But did you also know that you can quickly replicate this demonstration at home? You just put a bottle of water in a freezer for a few “to be determined” amounts of time?


First, let’s talk about some styles of water bottles

There are two basic styles: the vacuum insulated bottle and the bottle without vacuum insulation. The vacuum insulated bottle has no insulation to keep the cold out. It, however, has a lid that will prevent the cold air from getting into the bottle. It is insulated and has a well-insulated seal. This bottle style is recommended for the cooler months, not only for the hot summer months.


To try and answer the question, this is the simple method I adopted. I filled two regular water bottles with the same amount of water. I placed one in the fridge and the other in the freezer and left for a specific time. After about thirty minutes, I check the water bottle in the fridge and found that its content is just cold. I also checked the water bottle in the freezer. But this time, its content is becoming extremely cold; and I could see the visible formation of ice in the water.


Can I put a water bottle in a freezer or only in the fridge?

We can also rephrase this question to mean “what happens if I put a water bottle in the freezer?” The answer is a bit complex as it depends on the kind of water bottle that will go into the freezer. Water generally expands in all directions as it freezes. When the liquid in the bottle freezes, they expand and take up more space.

Likewise, the process of freezing and expansion can cause your water bottle to become misshapen or deformed. Even worse, the expansion might break the seals and welds holding your bottle together. If there is a need to put your bottle in the freezer, it shouldn’t be more than 1 hour, depending on the size of the bottle, size of the freezer, the water temperature, and whether the water bottle is open or closed.


Another question is whether your “water bottle will explode in the freezer.” The regular plastic water bottles will not explode when they freeze since they are built to withstand any expansion.


So what kind of water bottle can I put in the freezer?

Putting your water bottle in the freezer is not a wise decision. But when you do, make sure it is not filled to the brim with either juice or water – to allow for expansion. Of course, you may put any water bottle in the freezer, but no glass bottles. Glass water bottles are intolerant to expansion. It will break even because glass cannot withstand any thermal stress. Stainless steel bottles are kind of safe here. They are totally safe if not filled up. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand any thermal stress. Plastic water bottles usually get deformed, while metal water bottles usually split.


All these types of bottles can go into the fridge. When it comes to the freezer, you would need to observe the bottle (opened or not). If you have a plastic or metal bottle certified fit for use in a freezer, then go for it.


If you’re a big fan of drinking ice water or doing sports and activities where you need a cool, refreshing drink, you might be thinking about purchasing an ice water bottle. Ice bottles work great for picnics and outdoor events.


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