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Are Reusable coffee mugs Safe?


Reusable coffee mugs have become increasingly popular among eco-conscious consumers and coffee-lovers for good reasons. Whenever you buy coffee at your local coffee shop, you will definitely get your favourite hot drink in a disposable cup that is not biodegradable. Billions of coffee cups are thrown away yearly with only a small percentage being recycled. The majority of these disposable cups end in landfills and float in the oceans, thereby threatening marine life.

If you are eco-conscious and regular coffee taker, it is time to switch from single-use plastics and start using reusable coffee mugs on the go. That way, you can expressively reduce your own waste.

Of truth, disposables are bad for the environment and our health. Reports have shown that even though they are made from paper material, disposable cups are lined with plastic to prevent leakage. This plastic lining leach offensive chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) that could leach into your beverage and possibly cause adverse health issues like hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, and others.

So back to the question; are reusable coffee mugs safer?

Reusable coffee mugs do not release foul chemicals. You already know the likely health hazards of using plastics especially if they come in contact with heat. They leach harmful toxins and chemicals into our beverages, the most common harmful compound is BPA. Bisphenol A disrupts the endocrine system and is often considered to be carcinogenic.


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Reusable cups, on the other hand, are made from diverse materials that are considered eco-friendly and safe like silicone, stainless steel, and toughened glass. These materials are safe to use for cold or hot beverages and are 100% BPA-free. Similarly, they won’t add any unpleasant or foul taste to your drink like plastics do.

Reusable coffee cups made from silicone like the A&S collapsible water bottle are easy to clean, comes with a Carabiner clip for easy handling and can be your perfect travel companion, which means you can it with you to your desired coffee shop and benefit from their discount. Some coffee shops offer discounts for customers who come with their cups.

Similarly, double-walled insulated Stainless steel coffee mugs are popular since they do a great job in keeping your tea or coffee warm for about 6 hours. The food-grade stainless steel option prevents altering or imparting flavours which helps protect the purity of your favourite drink.



Reusable mugs protect the environment

All through its life cycle, disposable plastics emits huge amount of carbon. Manufacturers use a lot of resources like petroleum in their production and when they are disposed of, most of them pile up in landfills, littering or destroying our oceans.

Conversely, reusable coffee mugs are made from environmentally-friendly materials and help to conserve natural resources. Silicone, stainless steel and glass are highly recyclable. Besides the fact that reusable coffee cups are economical to use in the long run, reusable coffee cup can help lower the rate of at which trees are being cut down.

Remember to always clean your reusable coffee cup

Always remember to clean your reusable cup to prevent germ and mould build up. Make sure you also wash away any residue left behind from your previous beverage. Check Manufacturer’s notes for washing instructions. While some reusable mugs or cups are dishwasher safe, some are not.