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Reusable Water Bottles: A Pocket-friendly Investment To Save Our Planet


why reusable bottles are better

Reusable water bottles are gradually replacing single-use plastics. Although it has been a common practice, not much good can come out of reusing an old plastic bottle that will disintegrate over time and emit dangerous chemicals into your water. Drinks are a great way to accumulate plastic waste quickly. A scary report states that by 2050, there may be more plastic bits in the ocean than fish perfectly sums up. Hence, need for a change in our single-use plastic consumption habits.


Switching to reusable water bottles is an easy approach towards a more eco-friendly existence. It is one of the many ways to help the earth and humankind. You’ll ultimately save money because these handy water bottles aren’t expensive, and they have great features like built-in water purification to guarantee your drink is chemical-free. You will also be saving over 100 plastic bottles from going to landfills yearly. To further reduce the environmental impact of drinking on the go, you can opt for the best reusable straws and best travel cups.



Why Reusable Bottles Are Better Than Plastic Water Bottles

Have you ever considered why reusable water bottles are more preferred to plastic bottles? Or have you opted for plastic bottles based on some convincing adverts? It may seem handy to buy plastic water bottles as you rush along to class or office, but they cause far more harm than you are probably aware of.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprints

Over 7.7 billion plastic bottles are consumed each year in the UK alone, and it will take over 400 years for each of them to decompose. This is cause for concern because single-use plastic bottles account for more than half of the plastic in most markets. They are dangerous to fish, birds, and marine life that choke on Sharp pieces and bottle tops. That being said, there are several reasons why reusable bottles are better than disposable water bottles.

Aside from the environmental impact, single-use plastic bottles pose a number of health hazards to customers. This is why reusable water bottles are better for the environment and for your health. When you think about it, plastic bottles are made only for the purpose of being discarded. So it’s best to understand why reusable drink bottles are better before you decide to invest in them.


  • Made From Recyclable Materials

One of the reasons why reusable bottles are better than disposables is in the material used to produce them. Stainless steel, glass, and higher-grade polymers are used. These materials are resistant to heat and do not degrade when exposed to high temperatures. Overall, reusable water bottles will keep your water fresh-tasting for longer times. They will also keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer period than disposable ones. Single-use plastic bottles, on the other hand, are often made of ordinary or standard plastics hence, their lower cost.


  • Promote Good Health

Plastic bottles are harmful to our health and the environment all through their entire lifecycle, right from production to disposal. They leach harmful chemicals when washed in hot water, and these hazardous chemicals have been associated with increased health risks, such as cancer. Similarly, chemical leaching is responsible for the unsavory taste of your water bottles. Given that plastic bottles are susceptible to chemical leaks at high temps, we must consider why reusable water bottles are preferable for our overall health.


  • Affordable

While plastic water bottles appear quite inexpensive, you may end up paying more money than you expect. And you keep buying more and more plastic bottles without even noticing it.



Why You Should Use Reusable Water Bottles

If you really want to understand why you should use reusable water bottles, you need first to understand why you should stop using single-use bottles. Single-use plastic water bottles are not good for your health and the environment. From the health point of view, single-use plastic water bottle is not the better option for us or the environment. They are discarded in billions annually, and by choosing the better option, you can help reduce the carbon footprint.


Many people pay extra pounds to drink the same water they could have gotten for free at home. The purity and the expense factor are two of the many reasons to use reusable water bottles instead of single-use, disposable bottles. When you choose reusable bottles, you can get rid of most of the harm caused due to plastic bottles.


Using a reusable drinking bottle daily has many rewarding, practical, and healthier benefits as opposed to bottled drinking water. Aside from its eco-friendliness, reusable water bottles are beneficial to your wallet and help you develop healthier habits. You can take your reusable water bottle to the gym, to work, even for outdoor sports like camping or hiking. You can refill it anytime with fresh water or any liquid of your choice.


Aside from the monetary downside, there are other vital reasons to use a reusable water bottle:

  • Using bottled water wastes valuable environmental resources that are untenable over the long term. The amount of toxins and dangerous chemicals released during the production of reusable drink bottles is much less than single-use plastic bottles.
  • When you use a reusable water bottle, it will act as your water container and you can also use the bottle to carry any beverage of your choice.
  • Reusable water bottles are very easy to clean. You can use and reuse them for a long time.
  • Another great benefit is that you can trust the quality of water you have in your bottle as you fill it yourself. Unlike disposable bottles, you know exactly where your water comes from.



Buying the best reusable water bottles

Shopping for the best reusable water bottles might not seem like a daunting task, or an exciting one at that, but you would be wrong. With different options available, from stainless steel styles that maintain your water temperature, to glass designs and smart water bottles that filter your drink, you will understand that choosing the best water bottle can be a serious task.

Choosing the right water bottle will be the difference between drinking the all-important six to eight glasses of water daily, and forgetting totally. So, where do you start? I’ve put together a list of the best reusable water bottles by A&S Brands on the market.



Best Small Option – A&S Brands Compact Foldable Water Bottle

compact foldable water bottle

This BPA-free plastic bottle is a perfect addition to any day trip because of its convenient form and small size. This compact reusable water bottle is small in size and modest in price, proving that staying healthy and hydrated does not have to be expensive. With a capacity of 500ml, this colorful water bottle is excellent for slipping into your handbag when you’re on the go to keep you hydrated and thirst-free. It is as safe as it is attractive, as it is made of BPA and phthalate-free plastic.

The contoured design of this foldable water bottle makes it comfortable to hold, and the twist top can be opened with maximum hygiene. As long as the lid is removed, this reusable water bottle is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Overall, this is an inexpensive and bright reusable water bottle that ensures that everyone has access to safe drinking water.


Sleek And Shiny – A&S Brands Collapsible Travel Water Bottle


Collapsible Travel reusable Water BottlesThis reusable collapsible bottle has a large 500ml capacity, as well as a wide opening and a stylish bamboo lid. Although this modest bottle appears unassuming, it has a slew of features that will make you forget about SUPs forever. You’ll be proud to be seen drinking from this reusable water bottle, which has a stylish stainless steel screw lid on top of a gleaming BPA-free stainless steel body.


You’ll never go thirsty when you’re out and about with these 50ml or 1-liter bottles! Water will not leak out of this collapsible bottle since it is made of high-quality plastic material that is both lightweight and does not leach too.


Because of the wide neck, this bottle is incredibly easy to clean, ensuring that you maintain a completely hygienic bottle even after years of use. Plus, if ordinary water isn’t your thing, you can use that huge opening to infuse your favorite flavors into your water. To add a pleasant and zingy edge to the essence of life, drop lemon, cucumber, or strawberry slices into your water. Of course, since the water bottle is BPA-free, you won’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals leaking into your water as the temperature rises.


Contemporary Look – A&S Brands Storage Water Bottle



storage reusable water bottleWhen it comes to functionality and design, this sleek, exquisite glass reusable water bottle checks all the boxes. It is all you might want in a new water bottle. The bottle has a storage compartment where you can keep your cards, gym cards, keys, and money. The solid body and leak-free lid it has made this bottle a far more choice for most people.


You’ll also get an anti-slip neoprene sleeve that protects your reusable water bottle while also insulates and keeps your liquids warm or cold. Furthermore, the built-in carrying loop makes this bottle a perfect travel companion. With a 500ml capacity, this water bottle should become a permanent fixture in your backpack, allowing you to stay hydrated in the best way possible.



Insulated Water Bottle – A&S Brands Eco Sports Water Bottle



Eco Sports reusable Water Bottles With FilterThis reusable water bottle keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours, with mess-free drinking and a sleek appearance. This bottle will definitely become a staple in your bag if you try it for once. It’s leak-proof, phthalate-, BPA-, and toxin-free, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not consuming any harmful chemicals.

This eco sports water bottle by A&S also comes equipped with a measuring guide so you can see how much water you need to remain hydrated each day. Overall, this water bottle is as durable as they are stylish, and will fit into most cup holders.


Handy Reminders – A&S Brands Sports Plastic Water Bottle


sports plastic reusable water bottlesThis safe-to-refill plastic water bottle comes with a handy removable straw and a hydration guide. The bottle proves that you can use plastic without surrendering your soul.
The BPA-free Titan-plastic design is extremely sturdy and durable, and it can withstand being left in cars without the fear of your water being contaminated by harmful chemicals.


While the large leak-proof screw cap and wide opening make it easy to drink water, the removable straw makes it easy to drink water while driving or moving around the town. You can refill this handy 500ml bottle as much as you like without worrying about exposing yourself to needless chemicals and pollutants.




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