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Remain hydrated on the go with lightweight running water bottles designed to offer easy hydration whenever and wherever you need it.

Stainless steel bottles are a good option. They are easy to drink from, durable and will keep your water fresh. Insulated bottles on their own will keep your water ice cold while you run.

Choosing the Best Running Water Bottle

There are three things to consider when you are looking to choosse the best running water bottle to take on a run.

Do you prefer to stop for a drink or you get a water bottle with a sports or flip cap that you can operate with one hand and sip from without spilling while on the go?

How much water are you willing to carry? More water, obviously, equals more weight. A larger bottle is also more difficult to carry.

Is it important to you that your bottle be insulated? For some people, drinking ice cold water is a must. And if you’re carrying your bottle, you don’t want your hands to be as cold as your water. Additionally, these bottles can be used to hold hot beverages. So you could always put hot drinks in your running water bottle to enjoy after your routine.

Many of the drink bottles we sell here also double as fantastic running water bottles, and their versatility doesn’t end there. These bottles are made to replace disposable plastic bottles in all parts of life, including running, going to the gym, working, and playing.

If you’re looking for a running bottle that doesn’t require you to remove the lid to drink, we recommend the A&S Brands water bottle with storage compartment or A&S Brands Sports Water Bottles.

The A&S Brands water bottle with storage compartment is a perfect size for running hydration because it holds 750ml and will keep you hydrated for longer, which is particularly important for longer running on hot days. It comes equipped with a leak-proof D-ring cap, but you can upgrade to a sports cap or a flip lid for single-handed hydration on the go.

The A&S Brands Sports Water Bottle is available in a wide selection of sizes, making it simple to choose the best fit for you.

A&S Brands also makes a superb range of insulated bottles, and their commitment to adaptability and design means that all of the classic caps fit all the classic bottles. As a result, your ideal running bottle can also double as an ideal coffee flask.

Capacity to the max

When choosing a running water bottle, weight and volume are both critical factors to consider. If you’re searching for a compact water bottle, we recommend both the A&S Brands 355ml Collapsible bottle or the A&S Brands collapsible Insulated bottle.

They are certainly worth a look if you don’t mind stopping for a drink while you run as there silicone construction makes it easy to grip and of course, you can squash them down when you are done.

The most popular water bottle sizes seem to be between 500ml – 800ml. They allow you to keep yourself hydrated for longer distance runs, and remain the perfect size to make yourself homemade drinks.


There are also a few great options if you’re looking to buy an insulated water bottle. The A&S Brands doubled-walled insulated bottle is a great option for running. It is light in weight compared to other insulated bottles of similar size and will keep your drink cold hot for up to 12 hours and cold for about 24 hours.

A&S Brands pride itself on offering great customer support services. If you are looking for any recommendation or help, kindly get in touch. We have coupon codes available if you are thinking of treating a loved one. We also offer FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on any order quantity within the UK.