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Choosing the Best Water Bottle Brand That Makes Sense


Choosing the best water bottle brand is cost-effective as you’ll save the money necessary to buy other things. Having a nice water bottle with you also means you will be able to drink more water, keeping you healthy and hydrated.

Note that not all eco-friendly bottles are created equal. We have the best water bottles from top-quality water bottle brands that focus not only on the performance of their products but their environmental impact as well.

The Best Water Bottle Brand

Choosing a reusable water bottle from proven water bottle brands means no chemicals and no plastic coatings. The stainless-steel water bottles are easy to clean, so you get a regular taste each time without retaining any flavour, as you might get from cheaper brands.

High-quality 18/8 stainless steel bottles will not give any foul taste whether you are using them for tea, juice, water or anything else. You can switch between drinks without worrying about your morning coffee tasting like yesterday’s soup, provided you clean it properly.

All our bottles are designed to last, or what is the point of switching to a reusable water bottle if you have to replace it every five months?

To save the environment, your choice of water bottle should be one you can use repeatedly. It means you need to choose a bottle that lasts. Our stainless steel drinking bottles are indestructible, meaning you can use them all year round. They can withstand any bumping and scrape in a school bag or even accidental drops. 

Since A&S Brands want you to use their products for years, you can replace the lids without buying a whole new bottle. So, you can switch from a Sippy cup to a sports cap as your children grow up. Have a sports cap, flip, and loop cap to switch between having a leakproof flask for coffee and easy access to water at the gym.

Glass water bottles are less energy-intensive and environmentally intrusive to make than stainless steel, and the lightweight A&S Glass Bottles are perfect if you prefer drinking water from a glass. Like stainless steel, Glass can be recycled repeatedly without losing its integrity. It is made in the first instance from naturally abundant materials. Glass is more fragile than steel and probably isn’t the best option for a kids’ school bag. But the silicone sleeve options give a huge amount of extra grip and protection, meaning it’s less likely to break from any accidental drop.

Our collapsible bottles are made from food-grade silicone, non-toxic and BPA-free, with a stainless steel lid. They are user-friendly, dishwasher and freezer safe, and can be used for hot or cold drinks. 

What’s more?

What to consider when choosing a water bottle brand or bottle that’s perfect for you

1. High-capacity water bottle brands

2. Leakproof water bottles

3. Insulated and single-wall water bottle brands

4. Water bottle brands with gorgeous colors and designs

Do you need a leakproof water bottle you can throw in your bag, or would you prefer a sport of flip cap?

A&S Brands offer the option of an easy sip lid, which means you can use your bottle one-handed without having to remove the lid. Perfect for the gym or kids. In addition to having a good leak resistance flip lid, they are great for carrying with you or attaching to the outside of a bag.

The A&S Sports water bottle, for instance, is perfect for cold water at the gym with the sports cap. And the wide mouth means they are easy to drink from even without the lid. And although the lids are BPA-free plastic, we also love that you can buy a completely plastic-free lid for the bottles as well.

What do you like to drink from your bottle? Hot drinks, cold drinks or a mixture of both?

If you want a bottle simply so you can drink cool water 24 hours a day, then a lightweight single wall stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle are best in terms of price point. And stainless steel wins in terms of durability.

However, if you want a bottle to replace not just your single-use water bottle but your coffee cup as well, then you’ll want to choose an insulated bottle. We generally find that people prefer to drink hot drinks from a wider mouth. So A&S Brands insulated water bottles are ideal. And the A&S Brands wide mouth can be used with the amazing leakproof cafe cap making it perfect for sipping both your morning cappuccino and your water for the rest of the day.

However, if you’ll generally be using your bottle for cold drinks and occasionally taking something hot or are happy to pour your soup of coffee into a cup before you drink it, then the A&S Brands bottles come in the most stunning designs with everything from spring flowers to summer avocados.

Capacity – How often can you refill, how much do you drink, and how much weight do you want to carry?

Starting from the biggest, the 64oz insulated bottle weighs 760g and carries 1900ml, making it pretty heavy to carry around all day. However, the classic version gives you 30 hours hot and 100 hours, which is impressive. The swing top will keep beer or other carbonated beverages chilled for 40 hours and iced for 120, making it the perfect companion for a camping trip or festival.

The lightest of our stainless steel bottles is the 12oz, weighing 147g. It is under 500g when full and the ideal water bottle for kids. The 800ml with a loop cap weighs 204g, which means that a full bottle comes at about 1kg. This is a perfect water bottle size if you drink a lot of water and don’t want to refill too often. However, it is still compact and light enough to carry with you.

A&S Brands’ smallest insulated bottle weighs 270g and holds 260ml. It is the ideal size for a morning coffee and great for making sure you have ice-cold water whenever you want it without taking up too much space. The mini A&S Brands bottles are particularly great for popping in your handbag.

Of course, you can fill your water bottle to any level you want. But you will get the best results from the insulated bottles when you fill them to the brim.

Style and Colour – Match your mood, outfit, or kitchen with a great selection of colors and designs.

Once you’ve realized the size of the bottle you need and whether or not you want an insulated or single-wall water bottle, the next thing would be to find your favourite design and colour. We have a large collection of designer bottles available in different colours and shapes, so we know you’ll be happy on that front.

All our water bottles are carefully chosen, and they sustainably make great reusable products. Once you have made your choice, we will give you FAST FREE DELIVERY within the UK, regardless of the quantity you buy.