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Insulated Water Bottle For Bikes


Insulated Water Bottle For Bikes. You know you should stay hydrated when riding. But depending on the outside temperature, your drink is more likely to be lukewarm or ice-cold on longer rides. The temperature of your drinks will not be maintained by the usual plastic bike water bottle; this is where insulated bottles come in.


These stainless steel insulated water bottles for bikes will keep your drinks at the optimum temperature no matter how long you ride. And the vast majority will fit into regular bottle cages.


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The insulated water bottles from A&S Brands come in three different sizes: 260ml, 500ml, and 750ml. The larger two are better for your bike cage, but we love that you can have a cup of hot tea while you’re at it or a hot chocolate in the smaller water bottle. They are perfect for warming you up halfway around your favourite bicycle route. The 500ml size is also handy and weighs only 300g. Thanks to the triple wall vacuum insulation, it will keep your drinks COLD for 24 hours and HOT for 12 hours.


These provide great insulation as time changes according to bottle size and have the bonus of functioning with the sports cap. It means you can have both easy access and insulation in one package.


We love the 260ml A&S Brands Insulated bottle, in particular for a cycling water bottle, as it features a leak-proof loop cap as standard. These bike’s insulated bottles work best with sports-style BPA-free lids that you can buy separately so you can easily turn your daily water bottle into an ideal cycling water bottle.

What’s more?

A small dust cap for the sports cap is available, which is ideal for safeguarding the mouthpiece. The sports cap is designed to be leak-proof. We gave it a good shake-up with no spills, so you won’t risk losing your hydration midway. You can get the best Insulated Water Bottle For Bikes here at A&S Brands!