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How To Buy Water Bottles With Filter In 2021


Water Bottles With FilterWhether you go for short hikes or voyage into the wilderness for days, you never want to find yourself thirsty. As an outdoor enthusiast, having good water bottles with filter are a vital piece of your adventure gear. After all, you don’t want to tote gallons of purified water, which is heavy, not to mention that it is expensive.


While many sources of groundwater and tap water are perfectly safe, it’s never worth the risk to drink water you’re just not certain about. Even if a source of water seems clean, it might have been contaminated with germs, bacteria, and viruses, and other microorganisms invisible to the eye.


If you’ve ever fall sick from drinking water, then you should understand that waterborne bacteria and germs are no joke. And despite the Safe Drinking Water Act, tap water can still contain contaminants such as lead, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides and even particles from malfunctioning wastewater treatment. So why not consider giving a water bottle with filter a spin?

Why You Should Invest In Reusable Water Bottles With Filter

  1. You want to reduce your plastic wastes
  2. You’re not sure about your tap water
  3. You travel to other places where you don’t know about their water practices, and it might contain harmful contaminants
  4. You are away for outdoor adventures, such as backpacking, hiking, etc.

Important Criteria When Choosing Reusable Water bottles With Filter

Before you buy any reusable water bottle with filter option, there are five (5) vital criteria to consider. These include filtering and filter capacity, materials, user-friendliness and cleanup. These are all factors you should consider when looking for a water bottle with a filter. Remember, you will want to purchase one that suits the activity you plan to use it for.

  • Materials: What is the bottle made of? Stainless steel, glass or plastic? If plastic, is it a BPA-free bottle? How durable is the bottle?
  • User-friendliness: Is it easy to get water into the bottle? How was the flow rate?
  • Cleanup: After use, what are you supposed to do with the bottle? How easy is it to clean the bottle and make sure it’s ready for your next adventure?
  • Filtering: What was the filtering mechanism used? Can the bottle effectively filter harmful viruses, bacteria and other contaminants? Did the water bottle filter leaves any particles in the water after filtering? Are there replacement filters?

Disposable water bottles or Plastic water bottle are great. For safety while going away for a few days, I will suggest you buy reusable water bottles with filter.