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Why Reusable Bottles Are Better Than Plastic Water Bottles

why reusable bottles are betterINTRODUCTION

Have you ever considered why reusable water bottles are preferable to plastic bottles? Or have you opted for plastic bottles based on some convincing adverts? It may seem handy to buy plastic water bottles as you rush along to class or office, but they cause far more harm than you are probably aware of.



Why Reusable Bottles are Better to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Over 7.7 billion plastic bottles are consumed each year in the UK alone, and it will take over 400 years for each of them to decompose. This is cause for concern because single-use plastic bottles account for more than half of the plastic in most markets. They are dangerous to fish, birds, and marine life that choke on Sharp pieces and bottle tops. That being said, there are several reasons why reusable bottles are better than disposable water bottles.


Aside from the environmental impact, single-use plastic bottles pose a number of health hazards to customers. This is why reusable water bottles are better for the environment and for your health. When you think about it, plastic bottles are made only for the purpose of being discarded. So it’s best to understand why reusable drink bottles are better before you decide to invest in them.

Why Reusable Bottles Are Better in terms of materials

One of the reasons why reusable bottles are better than disposable bottles is in the material used to produce them. Stainless steel, glass, and higher-grade polymers are used. These materials are resistant to heat and do not degrade when exposed to high temperatures. Overall, reusable water bottles will keep your water fresh-tasting for longer times. They will also keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer period than disposable ones. Single-use plastic bottles, on the other hand, are often made of ordinary or standard plastics hence, their lower cost.


Why Reusable Bottles Are Better for Health

Plastic bottles are harmful to our health and the environment all through their entire lifecycle, right from production to disposal. They leach harmful chemicals when washed in hot water, and these hazardous chemicals have been associated with increased health risks, such as cancer. Similarly, chemical leaching is responsible for the unsavory taste of your water bottles. Given that plastic bottles are susceptible to chemical leaks at high temps, we must consider why reusable water bottles are preferable for our overall health.


Why Reusable Bottles Are Better for Affordability

While plastic water bottles appear quite inexpensive, you may end up paying more money than you expect. And you keep buying more and more plastic bottles without even noticing it.


Final Thought

An average British family actually spends hundreds of pounds on bottled water compared to safer, healthier water from the tap. Why pay more for something you can get free in your home?

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